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Your Sight Matters

Blue Ridge Surery Center is a proud partner of YourSightMatters.com, a community of more than 300 ophthalmologists and optometrists plus nurses and staff who are committed to caring for vision health across the United States every day. This coalition of eye care professionals are working together to:

  • Preserve and restore vision
  • Educate patients about vision screening and the importance of eye health
  • Provide a convenient directory of physicians in various areas of specialties, across the country
  • Energize patients, caregivers and family members to share their vision stories and experiences

June is Cataract Awareness Month. Throughout the month of June, we collaborate with YourSightMatters.com to raise awareness on the importance of screening for cataracts and the need for scheduling a cataract screening.

Through both Cataract Awareness Month and the rest of the year, YourSightMatters.com provides the latest news, information and resources about cataracts and the variety of treatment options available today.